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Directors & Owners

As friendly, caring and licensed insolvency practitioners we aim to share the burden you may be feeling as a director or owner of a company dealing with financial distress; a situation more common than you may realise.

With offices UK wide including London and Birmingham, our experienced and innovative team will work with you to understand your position and we will help to tailor a solution to achieve the best outcome for your company, its employees and creditors. 

We can advice and help with:

We also have the professional insolvency solutions for a company restructure, we can assist with locating funding or help to enact an orderly company closure.  Fulfilling both company and director statutory duties relating to the Companies Act 2006. 

Your choice of insolvency practice can make all the difference; Why choose us?

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If you are uncertain as to the right path for your company then call 0121 201 1720 and speak to an expert at Greenfield Recovery Ltd.  The sooner you do, the more choices will be available to you as a director or owner of a company with financial distress. 

After informal negotiations, there are 6 formal insolvency procedures:

Company  Recovery and Restructure:

Company Closure:

*Employees of the company (including directors) may be entitled to compensation for redundancy, loss of notice and other statutory entitlements.
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