Restructuring & Insolvency Frequently Asked Questions

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Director & Owner FAQs
  • When should a Director stop company trading?
  • Can a Director start a new company after liquidation?
  • When can a Director re-use a company name after insolvent liquidation?
  • Is a Director liable for Company Debts?
Company Liquidation FAQS
  • What is a company liquidation?
  • How can you liquidate a company when it has no money or assets to cover the cost?
  • How to stop a winding up petition? (compulsory liquidation)
  • When is a CVA suitable?
Company Administration FAQs
  • What does administration mean?
  • When should company administration be considered?
Pre Pack Administration FAQs
  • What is a Pre Pack Administration?
Creditor FAQs
  • What is the creditors order of payment?