HMRC Time To Pay

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HMRC Time To Pay

With HMRC Time To Pay, outstanding liabilities / arrears relating to Corporation Tax, VAT or PAYE are repaid (normally in 6 to 12 months) after informal negotiations establish a viable re-payment figure and period.HMRC Time To Pay advice

Advantages of HMRC Time to Pay

  • Improved cash flow.
  • Shows a willingness to pay.
  • Reduces likelihood of enforcement action i.e. Winding Up Petition.
  • 6 benefits of choosing us for your HMRC Time To Pay Arrangement.

Time To Pay arrangements require careful consideration and skilled negotiation.  Should a HMRC Time To Pay arrangement falter during re-payment, any future dealings with HMRC may be affected.  By contacting us (call 0121 201 1720) about HMRC Time To Pay we can utilise our wealth of insolvency experience to produce and negotiate a realistic arrangement for you with the HMRC;  that considers and addresses underlying debt causes and that is likely to be acceptable to the HMRC as well as achievable for you. 

*If your current HMRC Time To Pay arrangement is faltering, contact us asap to re-negotiate it or to provide alternatives.

Alternative HMRC Debt Management Solutions

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