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Can't Pay VAT

There are options available for a company that can’t pay VAT on time to the HMRC. As Licensed Insolvency Practitioners we can help to pinpoint the reasons why you can’t pay VAT and following a financial review recommend an attainable option to move forwards with.

Often for companies unable to pay VAT the solution is an informal HMRC Time To Pay arrangement
VAT advice

Other HMRC Debt Management Solutions

CVA | Administration | Alternative Finance: Invoice Factoring, Asset Finance & Peer to Peer Lending.

Penalties for late HMRC VAT

HMRC financial penalties: late payment interest (adding to arrears)

HMRC legal penalties: CCJ, Statutory Demand, Winding Up Petition

VAT advice

*Directors of incorporated companies should also be aware that owing VAT is a symptom of insolvency and trading whilst insolvent can make them personally liable for company debt.  Please call for more info.

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