Insolvency Services For Professionals

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Insolvency Services For Professionals

Solicitors, Accountants & Financiers

As a professional services provider, you may have an occasion when a financially distressed client would benefit from an introduction to an experienced, licensed insolvency practitioner; well versed in insolvency and how to successfully manage it.

With an introduction to Greenfield Recovery, your valued client can expect our knowledgeable insolvency team to advise them on a company restructure that will leave them better positioned for the future. Or if necessitated, we will support your client with a controlled wind down

This considered, re-positioning of your customer will add to the outlook of your own professional organisation and further, as your introduction is appreciated, we will reciprocate it when able

Be assured, your reputation as a professional services provider will be safe guarded with Greenfield Recovery and our national, insolvency services are competitively priced.  

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